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At Flourish I see individuals, couples and families for a variety of issues. While Flourish is a non-profit to provide subsidized therapy for the LGBTQ populations where needed, we also see cisgender, heterosexual individuals, couples and families who can pay full price either through cash pay or insurance. 


To see me at Flourish: 

  1. Contact me to ask if I have openings.
  2. Go to the Flourish Therapy website

  3. Scroll to the bottom and find the link that says "Click here to apply for a consultation appointment".

At Emotional Freedom Counseling (EFC) I see couples, children, families and adults. I provide talk therapy as well as play therapy for children and families. EFC is located at 286 S 600 E in Provo, UT. EFC currently only accepts cash pay at the rate of $115 per session.


To see me at EFC:

  1. Contact me to ask if I have openings.
  2. Call or text to (801) 998-2513 or email EmotionalFreedomLife@outlook.com and ask for an appointment with Becca